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Forever in Love! Maerah and George A Beautiful Wedding Celebration in Athens, Greece

Wedding in Athens Greece

Forever in Love! Maerah and George A Beautiful Wedding Celebration in Athens, Greece


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A wedding in Athens, Greece is truly a magical experience, and the lovely couple that tied the knot at the Pyrgos Petreza Winery & Vineyards made it even more enchanting. With the bride dressed in luxurious attire and the groom sporting a beaming smile, the celebration was nothing short of breathtaking.

Pyrgos Petreza is a venue that is truly one of a kind, and it’s no wonder why the happy couple chose it as their wedding destination. The winery is steeped in history, with a rich legacy of winemaking that dates back generations. Giorgos Belbas, the creator of the winery, comes from a long line of viticulturists and has a special talent for producing top-quality wine.

From the moment the guests arrived, they were greeted with stunning views of the vineyard and the surrounding hills. The winery is situated in a picturesque location, and the natural beauty of the area made for a perfect backdrop for the nuptials.

The bride, resplendent in her luxurious gown, made a grand entrance as she walked down the aisle towards her waiting groom. As they exchanged their vows, their love for each other was palpable, and everyone present felt privileged to witness the start of their journey together.

Following the ceremony, the guests were treated to a sumptuous feast that included the finest wine produced by Pyrgos Petreza. The winery’s wines are renowned for their quality and depth of flavor, and the guests were delighted to be able to sample them at the wedding reception.

The party was a truly magical experience, with the happy couple dancing the night away surrounded by their family and friends. The venue’s ambiance, combined with the joyous occasion, made for an unforgettable evening that will be cherished by all who were present.

In conclusion, a wedding at Pyrgos Petreza Winery & Vineyards in Athens, Greece, is a unique experience that combines history, natural beauty, and the finest wine. The lovely couple that tied the knot there made it an even more unforgettable event, and their love story will continue to inspire all who were present for years to come.

wedding in athens greece is truly an amazing experience. Hi, we are looking to get married 2025, we have fell in love with Olympic Lagoon Ayia Napa but it’s proving to be far to expensive especially for our guests ☹️ and i know it’s our wedding but we would like majority to stay at the hotel so we can celebrate the full time with everyone. Is there any other hotels people can recommend that’s still beautiful for a wedding but a bit more reasonable priced? We’re open to anywhere in Greece / Cyprus. Thanks if anyone can help Greece, Crete Hello, from further research I believe we have decided to get married in Greece, Crete. Can you please recommend any wedding planners DJs Photographer/ videographer Decorator creative company’s Transport Etc Any hotels you or guests could stay at Thank you. Nic Ellen Hello, looking for advice around beach view/location ceremonies & venues for after again with a beach or sea view, somewhere local to hotels & not costing the earth, thanks I got married at Lindos Weddings Venue beautiful venue with the most gorgeous views of Lindos bay and the acropolis,. If you are interested in the beautiful island of zykinthos Zante then I can highly recommend Athina Kakolyri , she will be able to help you. She is helping me organise my wedding next year and nothing is too big or small. Such a lovely lady. Hi ,have a look at Unforgettable Rhodes Weddings we have so many amazing venues and years of experience www.unforgettablerhodesweddings.com If you have any questions please let us know Thanks Justine Hi has anyone from the uk been married in greece but has already been married twice before (in the uk) ?? Need some info on divorce papers, thanks Hi all ❤️ I am the drummer of FiloXenia - a wedding band based in Sydney ✅ In the Greek summer of 2023 & 2024, we are taking our instruments to the motherland to make ourselves available to play at a host of weddings and events around the country! We are incredibly versatile in our sound, ranging from Greek (of course), traditional Greek, house music, trance, 80s etc. If you are getting married in Greece/Cyprus in the summer of 2024, please reach out and we can talk over whatever you need and require for your most special day ❤️ We are looking for a live upbeat band that really gets the party going in the zakynthos area or anywhere in Greece that would travel? Thanks Hello, Looking for advice starting to plan our 2024 wedding in Greece not decided on a specific area but trying to keep to budget nothing that’s over priced. Looking for place for ceremony and reception, just under 40 guests. We don’t need the wedding to be held where we are staying but would like it close by. We’d love to help you Kasie Marie Bright and Beautiful Zante Weddings x we work with all budgets and have a choice of amazing venues. I'm Penny Zachou, I'm a wedding planner specializing in the organization and decoration of luxury destination weddings and events. Owner of the company "your own event", whose main activity is to organize unique weddings throughout Greece and in regions around the world. If you have dreamed of a wonderful wedding in the Greek islands, then you have found the ideal professional! Your Own Events

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